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What makes evolet eve's concept of a wine shop unique?

Shopping with a child in tow, well.... kinda sucks.

The retail world in general isn’t conducive to little hands and attention spans. There’s just too much stimuli, mixed with an expectation of “be seen and not heard”.

As a parent myself, there are times I choose to just stay in, because the emotional exhaustion from maneuvering around tantrums just ain’t worth it.

Story time!

Once, I attempted an adventure with my daughter to shop for wine. She was two years old.


I knew my endeavor was futile, but I needed wine for an event, and I couldn’t wait for daddy to get home to fly solo. Let’s just say I left empty- handed and defeated. The reason why it’s not typical to see parents shopping for alcohol isn’t because they shouldn’t, it’s because they CAN’T.

The wine shop experience left me pondering on how we as a society can make shopping experiences better, especially for us parent-folk.

That’s when I experienced that “aha!” moment. Why should I, or any parent, give up favorite pastimes of discovering new bottles and reading labels? How can I make change and create a space that caters to the fact that there are children on this planet?

Let’s be honest here, a welcomed child that’s occupied is a happier child, so why not mold and pivot to this simple fact in our public space, especially in retail.

Evolet Eve Wine Shop is an experience like no other in the way you shop for artisan wine and craft beer. Our space is engineered with family in mind, so whether or not you have your child in tow, you can get the job done. Go ahead, momma! Take your time and read that wine label. You deserve it.

Date Night?

Hangin’ with the kiddos ain’t yo’ thang? No worries. After 5 pm Evolet Eve Wine Shop turns into a perfect locale for date night or hanging with your friends!

Evolet Eve Wine Shop has an open wine bar with cozy seating! Wine tastings, wines by the glass, beers by the pint, and small bites are available daily. Come take a seat and relax!


Address –
28w575 Stafford Place Warrenville, IL 60555

Phone – (630)791-8154

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Tues – Thurs: 2-9 pm
Fri – Sat: 2-10 pm
Sun: 2-6 pm

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